Some of my projects:

Industrial Manuals

Translations of technical instructions for use and maintenance of machines, packing machines, mixers, hoisting equipment, luxury boats, etc. (English and Spanish).

Electronics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, marketing and market research.


Translations from English and Spanish publications of books on

Medicine for Women
Human body and sex life
Health and Wellness
Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang
Feng Shui
Economics (English-Italian Dictionary, some chapters)
Computers (including Power Point presentations for Dummies and Apple iMac launch)
Novels and literature in general (including The Great Wave by Walter Jon Williams; The Plot of Alexander Litvinenko KGB - Yuri Felstinskij; The Book of Beauty by The Body Shop)

Information Technology

English-to-Italian and Spanish-to-Italian translations of many computer programs and applications including:

Documented and undocumented features of Windows
FrontPage, Microsoft Chat, NetMeeting for Internet Explorer
Painter 5.0
RadWorks (software specialist for medical use)
Advertising copy for the launch of products such as iMac computer and Internet Explorer
Learn about new technologies used in the production of cartridges for backup, CD-R, CD-RW and DVD-RW
User software and online guides for management programs and e-Procurement Enterprise Resource Planning
Software instructions and help files for multifunction printers


I am interested in communication technologies and language sciences (linguistics, pragmatics, semiotics but also dialectology, semantics, orality and writing) and communication sciences in general.

My studies in Communication Sciences at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia responded to many of my interests and offered me great opportunities to in-depth knowledge on the subjects shown below.

Structural semiotics and generative path, in particular the generative trajectory of meaning and semiotics of the passions in Algirdas J. Greimas, social bodies in Gianfranco Marrone, works and prospects by Paolo Fabbri, Andrea Semprini, Ugo Volli. And more: the semiotic and linguistic point of view of Roland Barthes, Jacques Fontanille, Louis Trolle Hjelmslev and Ferdinand de Saussure.