Susanna Martoni has been working for several years as a freelance translator for the Omnitrad Studio. Susanna Martoni is specialised in translating from Spanish to Italian, from Italian to Spanish and from English to Italian and has always worked in a professional, competent and punctual manner. It is on the basis of this successful working relationship that we are happy to recommend Susanna Martoni as a reliable and skilled translator.


Dear Sirs,

It is our pleasure to provide this reference on behalf of Ms Susanna Martoni.Our centre has over 30 years’ experience in translating and interpreting and we have used Ms Martoni’s translation services on a regular basis for several years now, from SPANISH into ITALIAN. Ms Martoni specialises in the following fields: technical, legal and marketing.

Ms Martoni has always supplied us with professional, punctual and carefully written translations and the quality of her work reflects her diligence. Her work is much appreciated by our customers.

We can without hesitation recommend Ms. Martoni for any position that requires in-depth knowledge of Spanish and Italian.

Susanna ha tradotto per il mio Studio, come free-lance esterno, per quasi vent'anni.

Puntuale e precisa, si è sempre impegnata ricercando attivamente soluzioni e segnalando ogni fonte di perplessità. Propositiva e affidabile, non esiterò ad avvalermi ancora dei suoi servizi.

Principali qualità: Ottimi risultati, Puntuale, Grande integrità